Global Day of Action for Freedom of the Mapuche Peoples.

Given the sustained repression of the Chilean State and the complicity of their governments, including the current of President Sebastián Piñera, we call on the authorities to immediately assume an attitude of respect for the fundamental human rights of the Mapuche people for which they have established their social battles for to the recovery of their ancestral lands, their culture and historical rights. The political persecution of the Mapuche people, the use of militarized violence against the communities, youth, elderly and children should and must stop. The Chilean State should and must respect the international conventions and human rights treaties it has signed. Failure to do so is a grave violation of the democratic principles established by the United Nations.

The hunger strike started on July 12, 2010 in the prisons of Concepcion and Temuco, and later on joined by the prisons of Valdivia, Lebu and Angol, is a call for swift and immediate implementation of justice. The prisoners’ rights have been violated without any regard for the principles of Justice. We demand an end to repression and the acceptance of the following demands:

1. The right to due process or fair trial without the current legal and political mockeries where the use of institutionalized violence, including torture, persist.

2. An end of anti-terrorism law, passed during the dictatorship, and whose racist application against the Mapuche causes permits all types of illegitimate actions that have been condemned by the UN. Its use is facilitated by the criminalization of the legitimate fight of the Mapuche people.

3.An end to Military Justice, which promotes impunity for state crimes during the dictatorship and now, in its war against the Mapuche people permits new crimes to go without justice. An end to the use of civil and military trials for the same prisoner must end.

4. Release of all Mapuche political prisoners imprisoned in Chilean State prisons.

5. Demilitarization of the Mapuche areas where communities demand recognition of their ancestral lands and political claim rights. The militarized police take communities by assault, abuse children, old people and just anyone that may be even asleep, at night.

The hunger strike of these Mapuche prisoners is their final opportunity to recover their dignity which is constantly violated by the Chilean State. The social and ethical principles established internationally condemn the disdainful attitude of the Chilean State and its low-intensity war aimed at maintaining and assuring revenue for an elite few and destroying the riches of the country.

Therefore we demand that the Government, as well as the Parliament and civil society assure the resolution of these demands and avoid exasperating the incorrectly named “Mapuche Conflict” imposed by the State that discredits all the Chilean people before international public opinion. We do not want to prolong this hunger strike and bring more innocents to death who only seek respect for their people.


1. Mauricio Waikilao Waikilao
2. Luís Sergio Tralcal Quidel
3. Claudio Sánchez Lorca
4. Pablo Canio Tralcal
5. Pedro Cheuque
6. Sergio Catrilaf
7. Daniel Canio Tralcal
8. Ángel Reyes Cayupan

9. Jorge Cayupan Ñirripil

10. Francisco Cayupan Ñirripil
11. Elvis Millán Colicheu
12. Eliseo Ñirripil
13. Marco Millanao Mariñan


15. Luis Menares C.
16. Ramón LLanquileo P.
17. Héctor Llaitul C.
18. Jonathan Huillical
19. José Huenuche R.

20. Ignacio Andrés Gutiérrez Coña

21. Víctor Hugo Queipul Millanao
22. José Eugenio Queipul Huaiquil
23. Camilo Hipólito Tori Quillanao
24. Felipe Ricardo Huenchullan Cayul
25. Lorenzo Alex Curipan Levipan
26. Fernando Enrique Millacheo Marin
27. José Guillermo Millacheo Marin
28. Eduardo Oses Moreno
29. Waikilaf Cadin Calfunao


30. Carlos Muñoz Huenuman
31. Eduardo César Painemil Peña
32. Carlos Parra Leiva

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